Mixing Up the Perfect Email Marketing Cocktail

What’s your favourite cocktail? Do you go old school and order something simple and classic? Or do you prefer to go fresh and fancy? Gin Martini or Singapore Sling…?

We’re not suggesting a boozy trip to a swanky bar here (more’s the pity). We’re thinking in terms of analogies here. Specifically related to email marketing and content. Not quite as fun as sipping cocktails for hours on end we know, but probably more important to the success of your business.

While some of the classic cocktails of yesteryear are comprised of just a couple of core components, the modern day concoctions available are usually a fair bit more involved than that. And so it goes too, with email marketing campaigns today.

In the past, the same ol’ cocktail of ideas and tactics could be served up into peoples’ inboxes. And, by and large, it worked. But that needs to change now. Today’s consumers have sophisticated palates and those old ideas of everyone’s – as tasty and potent as they may be – are no longer quite hitting the spot.

So what can you do? Well, you can mix things up. Ditch the tired old ingredients and promote your products and services in a refreshing way that will really quench your customers’ thirst.

Alright! That’s enough of the cocktail metaphors for now. Let’s get down to brass tacks. Here’s what you can do to refresh your approach to email content:

  • Take the taste test – Is your current email content really appealing to your audience? Will your new email content be? You can never truly know without taking the plunge and finding out. But don’t risk alienating your entire database with a flat campaign – try out some test sends and analyse the feedback. Keep what works and ditch what doesn’t.
  • Treat your customers differently – They’re not all the same, so don’t talk to them in the same way. Group your database to appeal to their different wants and needs. It’s also important to recognise that your email recipients and their tastes and appetites may change over time. You need to be able to spot this and react accordingly.
  • If in doubt, send it back out! – Don’t resend emails to people who have opened and read them. But that said, don’t be afraid to resend emails to those that didn’t click on them in the first place. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not interested. It could just be that they missed your email the first time around. This is especially true if a high number of those that did read your email, clicked through to your website. You must have done something right, eh?!
  • Optimise to maximise – A significant number of your customers will open and read your emails on a device of some kind. Make sure your email content is optimised for smartphones and tablets. This is a fairly basic point in 2018, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t test campaign visuals on handheld devices before hitting send.
  • Offer up some variety – The old tactic of discounts being the only tool you have are gone. You need to analyse your audience and figure out what else they want. People expect to be wowed constantly now. You have to keep fresh, smart and unique. You have to offer real value. Not just financial value.
  • Give your audience something to look at – Even if your copy is top notch, it might not have the required impact. You know how long you pay attention to an automated email for. So don’t chance it. You need eye-catching images and videos as well as eye-catching titles and prose.
  • Keep it simple and honest – We all know a sales email is there to sell. But modern customers are empowered. They decide what they’ll buy. They can’t stand sales talk or the idea of being schmoozed or lied to. So adapt to that. Be upfront, straight-to-the-point and above all, honest with them in what you say. Trust us, it’ll pay off.
  • Don’t focus on the sell – Email marketing is as much about cultivating an audience as it is making money off each email. Sometimes it pays to play the long game. Come on too strong and without subtlety and expect to see more than your fair share of ‘unsubscribes’.

In the right amounts, we’re certain that these new ingredients can all help put some zing into your next email cocktail party. So why not add them into the mix for your next campaign?

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