Why it pays to have a local content marketing strategy

There’s nothing wrong with ambition. It’s what drives a lot of us to bigger and better things. Being ambitious helps us achieve goals and succeed in life. But sometimes, aiming for the top can make us miss the smaller, yet still very important, things around us.

In digital marketing, it’s tempting to hatch all-singing, all-dancing plans and try to plot world domination. Coming up with campaign ideas that might just wow everyone from Albania to Zimbabwe. And why not? Do it right and you could really make an impact.

But sometimes it pays to rein things in a little. Thinking big with your content marketing strategy isn’t always the best course of action. It’s possible that thinking on a grand scale will render you incapable of seeing the wood for the trees.

What are we talking about? Well, we’re referring to the idea of ‘localising’ your approach. There’s plenty to be said for it.

Content that has been created for a local market has its limitations of course. Anyone from outside of the area you target is unlikely to be engaged on any real level but pushed out there through the right channels, they won’t see it anyway. Those that will, though? The local people that you’re aiming for. They’re likely to be extremely engaged and receptive to your message.

Your target audience may be smaller, but they’re also likely to be far better leads.

Creating a local content marketing strategy is especially important if your business happens to be local itself. Or if you run a franchise or business that has many locations.

Planning your local content marketing strategy

Okay, so you’re thinking about raising your brand awareness with some local content. Great. But it’s important not to rush in and start without a plan. You’ll only end up wasting time and slipping up.

Here are a few things to consider before starting to think about local content:

  • Reconnaissance –  We don’t advocate you copy other companies’ ideas, but checking who’s out there doing the same thing is a useful mission. What are they doing? What appears to do well and what doesn’t? The smart marketer learns from other people’s mistakes.
  • Identity – Who are you aiming your local content marketing at? What are their interests? How can you engage with them?
  • Goals – Plot some milestones. Figure out what you want to achieve. Is it about boosting reach, engagement, database growth, PR, influence, branding, lead generation, sales?
  • KPIs – Finally, it’s worth considering how you are going to measure success. You can look at your goals and work out some tangible key performance indicators that way.

How to go about generating local content

Okay, so you’ve done the planning. It’s now time to implement things. But how? What are you going to do? Here are a few tips…

  • SEO – Use local place names in your content and any local keywords you can think of. If you’re struggling to compile a list, you could try using a keyword research tool. That should help.
  • Get out there – Can you get your business featured in the local press and on local websites/blogs? Most local newspapers, magazines and websites are constantly looking for content and your approach will probably be more than welcome. Just ensure that they get your message across in a clear, accurate and positive way.
  • Engage people on social media – Speak to people on local groups, pages and forums. Set up your own if necessary. Look for hashtags for your area. Speak to people openly and engagingly. Others will soon take notice. It may end up being quite a slow process, but increasing brand awareness often requires a fair bit of patience.
  • Set up a paid SM campaign Facebook is especially well suited to ad campaigns that target specific geographic locations.

We’re not saying you should abandon your plans for total world domination. You can still plot away while spinning around in your chair and brushing white cat hairs off your collarless grey suit.

We’re just saying you’d perhaps do well not to forget the people a little closer to home as well.

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