There are some amazing content sources out there for those of you who are wanting to stay ahead of the trends in Inbound Marketing.  Here are some our favourites in a weekly round-up of great blog posts.  If you are a B2B company looking to grow your lead generation with Inbound Marketing then I’d recommend spending some quality time reading some of these posts.

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Hubspot Blog

  • 16 Email Marketing Best Practices That Actually Drive Results
    This is a guest post written by Jamie Turner, founder of the 60 Second Marketer. He is an in-demand marketing speaker and author of the book entitled Go Mobile with Jeanne Hopkins, former VP of marketing at HubSpot. While email marketing may not get the attention some newer marketing channels get, it's still a terrific way for you to generate leads and convert more prospects for your business. With that in mind, I want to share some email marketing best practices you can use to generate more leads for your business. (In addition to the rules for outgoing messages ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2019-05-20
  • 7 Ad Design Tips to Help Your Brand Cut Through the Noise
    Before your copy can persuade an audience to buy your product, your design must persuade them to buy your copy. In advertising, your design catches your audience’s eye and points their attention to your copy. Then, it’s your copy’s job to hold your audience’s attention. To help grab people’s attention in your advertisements, we’ve put together a list of seven ad tips, supported by examples, that’ll help your brand cut through the noise. Read on to learn how to craft creatively refreshing ads that will convert your audience into customers. 7 Ad Design Tips to Help Your Brand Cut ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2019-05-20
  • The 7 Fastest Ways Leaders Kill Company Cultures Without Realizing It
    Culture is critical for your business's long-term growth and profitability. Ultimately, businesses with strong company culture perform better than companies without it -- for instance, organizations with deliberately developed company cultures experience a 14% turnover rate, compared to a 48% turnover rate at companies without strong culture. Those same culture-strong businesses also see a 19% increase in operating income, as well as a 28% boost in earnings growth. Many organizations might look at high turnover rates and believe that the issue is their workforce quality. However, that is not the real cause of turnover rates. High turnover rates, as well ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2019-05-20
  • The General Data Protection Regulation: One Year Later
    One year ago on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect and replaced the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD) with the goal of significantly enhancing the protection of the personal data of EU citizens and increasing the obligations of organizations who collect and/or process personal data. Although the GDPR is an EU regulation, its rules still apply to any business that markets or sells their products to EU consumers and/or that monitors the behavior of people in the EU. Basically, if you’re located outside of the EU but you control or process the data ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2019-05-20
  • The 20 Best Video Editing Apps for 2019
    If you're reading this blog post, chances are you already know you should incorporate more video content into your marketing. But like most new strategies, you might need to prove its ROI before you get budget. And that can be tricky, because to make a great video, you need a few things -- like a camera and editing software. You might already have a high-quality camera built into your smartphone, but editing your raw footage and preparing it for publication requires a third-party mobile app. You might even need to hop on the computer for the more extensive post-production projects. ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2019-05-19

Adobe Marketing Cloud Blog

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Oracle Marketing Blog

  • How to Craft a Winning Content Strategy
    A content strategy acts as your roadmap. It tells you where you are with your content, where you want to be, and how you intend to get there. To understand what your content needs to be, you have to understand your audience. This means looking at what worked before, what didn’t, and the lessons you learned from it. What do your metrics say? What feedback have you heard from your prospects and customers? What data do you have on your audience? What it does it say about them? Who are they? What do they want? What are their backgrounds and ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2019-05-21
  • At the Crossroads: Where Content Marketing and Social Media Come Together
    Digital marketing efforts are connected in many ways, aligning across audience segments, messaging, and intended results. However, some marketing tactics cross paths in different ways, leading to synergies that can be leveraged to advance a brand’s overall marketing efforts. One important intersection straddles both content marketing and social media. Two seemingly disparate areas, these efforts both involve using stories and personality to engage consumers and get them invested in a brand. Using them in tandem — and building one off the other — can result in big wins in terms of both cost savings and audience impact. The Content Marketing ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2019-05-20
  • How to Build a Digital Experience Capability
    It’s hard to imagine that any marketer today isn’t aware of the importance of “digital experience” (DX). No longer a nice-to-have, DX has become a pivotal differentiator for organizations in almost any sector, ahead of even price and the product itself because of the power experience has to drive customer loyalty and recurring revenue. But despite its importance and increasing investment, DX, in the grand scheme of things, is still very much in its infancy. For every Amazon and Spotify that’s providing a slick, simple and truly personalized DX, there are a thousand other organizations struggling to get the basics ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2019-05-17
  • Smarter Email Marketing: Proven Methods to Nurture and Grow Your Email Brand
    In the world of email marketing, maintaining a good sender reputation is as crucial as maintaining a good financial credit score for individuals. The reputation that a business builds for itself, takes it a long way and in most cases will save you from being tagged as a spammer/junk by mailbox providers. An easy way to think about the importance of reputation is to consider your credit rating. The credit agency arrives at credit score based on a person’s spend pattern, credit repayment behavior, payment history, type of credit availed, and various other factors. All of us at one point ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2019-05-16

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