There are some amazing content sources out there for those of you who are wanting to stay ahead of the trends in Inbound Marketing.  Here are some our favourites in a weekly round-up of great blog posts.  If you are a B2B company looking to grow your lead generation with Inbound Marketing then I’d recommend spending some quality time reading some of these posts.

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Hubspot Blog

  • 9 Proven Tactics of a Successful Local Facebook Marketing Strategy
    With 2.2 billion active users, it might seem like turning followers into paying customers on Facebook would be easy. At least a few of those users will want what you’re selling ... right? Unfortunately, targeting a local market on Facebook is a little more challenging than that. Building a local Facebook marketing strategy is challenging, but extremely rewarding when executed correctly. Here are nine proven Facebook marketing tactics you can use to drive foot traffic, build brand awareness, and increase revenue potential. 9 Tactics for Your Local Facebook Marketing Strategy 1. Share Reviews Standing out can be difficult when you’re ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-12-14
  • 10 Hard Truths About Management No One Tells You
    I remember talking with an acquaintance a few years back who had recently graduated from college about how she envisioned her career progressing. Here’s how she broke down the steps: Get a job. Master that job. Manage other people doing that job. “Run sh*t” (her exact words). I find that this is often how management is perceived by individual contributors (myself included before I became a manager). “Running sh*t” sounds pretty awesome, right? And I felt confident that once I was handed this ultimate power, I would become a new enlightened version of my individual contributor self. The vision for ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-12-13
  • Does Business Blogging Still Get Results in 2017? New Data from 1,000 Bloggers [Infographic]
    2017 marks the fourth consecutive year Orbit Media Studios has tapped the insights of 1000+ business bloggers to publish a research report on blogging statistics and trends. In some cases, the annual blogger survey reflects subtle developments, but in others it reveals some significant changes. However, with four years of data in the books, a theme has clearly developed:"Bloggers are reporting stronger results from content marketing," says Orbit Media’s co-founder Andy Crestodina. "When asked to report on the effectiveness of their efforts, almost 30% of respondents reported 'strong results.' The vast majority of bloggers are seeing rewards from their efforts ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-12-12
  • 7 Questions to Ask Before Working With a Micro-Influencer
    The way we ask for recommendations has evolved. Whereas once upon a time we may have asked a neighbor to recommend a product or service, 47% of millennials now turn to social media for recommendations and reviews before deciding on a purchase. But these consumers aren’t always going to the social media accounts of brands. Much of the time, they're visiting the profiles of a special breed of social media personalities: influencers. Consider this: Close to 40% of Twitter users alone have made a purchase as a result of influencer marketing -- and that's excluding the influence, if you will, of ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-12-11

Adobe Marketing Cloud Blog

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Oracle Marketing Blog

  • CMOs Can Still Add Value to a Startup without Obliterating the Budget
    The median salary for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is reported to be $169,066 per year. That’s an expense that very few startups can afford. Some entrepreneurs try to hire key personnel with less experience in order to reduce costs, but even then, you’re looking at an $80,000 salary to hire a CMO with limited product marketing experience. As someone that works closely with entrepreneurs and startups every day, I highly recommend that you avoid spending more than $30,000 - $50,000 per year on any one individual, at least until your startup has some serious market traction. For startups, if ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2017-12-12
  • How, When, & Why Should You Use Personalization in an Email Marketing Campaign?
    Dale Carnegie, author of the famed How to Win Friends and Influence People, said in his book, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language." That concept is a powerful truth that you can spin to your advantage in practically any aspect of your marketing strategy, most of all in email since it is the most personal, one-on-one online marketing channel. That being said, let's explore how and when you should use personalization in your email marketing campaigns and why it matters so much. How to Personalize Your Emails Using ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2017-12-11

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