There are some amazing content sources out there for those of you who are wanting to stay ahead of the trends in Inbound Marketing.  Here are some our favourites in a weekly round-up of great blog posts.  If you are a B2B company looking to grow your lead generation with Inbound Marketing then I’d recommend spending some quality time reading some of these posts.

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Hubspot Blog

  • How to Get More Followers on Instagram: A Guide to Earning Your First 1,000 Followers
    You might already know that Instagram is a growing channel that lets individuals and businesses alike expand their brand. For businesses especially, it's a way to humanize your brand, recruit future employees, showcase your product and company culture, delight customers, and generate new business. But here's the deal: Unless you're famous, it's really hard to amass a huge following on Instagram without some hard work. For the average person or business, growing your following takes time and attention on a daily basis. Luckily, there are a few things you can do right away to collect at least 1,000 quality followers ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-07-21
  • What Happens When You Make Gated Content Free?
    Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, chances are, you have an opinion about forms. Trust us -- they’re not evil. We still use them, and still believe that many marketers should continue to do so, too. But truth be told, the "Should we gate our content?" question has been flying around HubSpot for a few years now. We’ve looked at the topic through various lenses, from SEO, to lead generation, to channel-specific implications. After all, gated offers tend to provide fairly consistent lead volume and lead-to-customer conversion rates.   But at the same time, it turned out that ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-07-21
  • 15 of the Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples You’ve Ever Seen
    On any given day, most of our email inboxes are flooded with a barrage of automated email newsletters that do little else besides giving us another task to do on our commutes to work -- namely, marking them all as unread without reading, or unsubscribing altogether. But every now and then, we get a newsletter that's so good, not only do we read it, but we click it, share it, and recommend it to our friends. Exceptional email marketing campaigns need to be cleverly written to attract attention in busy inboxes. Marketing emails also need to be personalized, filled ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-07-20
  • How Does a Brand Judge Your Pitch?
    May’s talk on #modernwaystogrowanagency came from Dave Parkinson - a 26 year veteran of Nissan and digital - from IT Manager to EMEA Head of Digital.  From managing a digital transformation to initiating the social media plan (and launching the Qashqai on the way) Dave knows the brand person’s world. So what are they really thinking at pitch time? Since the word 'digital' crept into marketers vocabulary the gap between doing a digital project and actually becoming a digital business started to form, and brands and agencies have debated how business strategy can and should link to digital plans.  ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-07-20
  • Tracking and Tweaking the Critical KPIs of Marketing Agency Performance
    The importance of revenue attribution is just one of a number of factors that marketing agencies need to track in order to measure their performance.   Factors such as cost-per-lead, customer value, traffic-to-lead ratio, and others let marketing agencies know how they're doing—and how to tweak their performance to become fine-tuned revenue generating machines. How to Track Cost Per Lead Leads aren't an unmitigated good. Getting a new lead is good, but the goal is to get inexpensive leads that turn into lucrative opportunities. Doing this the wrong way around is a short path to insolvency. HubSpot has already done a bit ... read more
    From: Hubspot Marketing BlogPublished on 2017-07-20

Adobe Marketing Cloud Blog

  • Transforming the Manufacturing Value Chain
    Creating value and stronger relationships with partners, distributors, and customers Manufacturing is no stranger to transformation — lean processes took hold in the 1970s, outsourcing defined the 1990s, and automation marked the 2000s. Now a fourth wave — Industry 4.0 — is digitizing the sector with a rise in data and computing power, analytics and business intelligence, new interfaces, and more options for transferring digital instructions to physical reality. While Industry 4.0 promises efficiency, process effectiveness, and even a shift in value from products to data-driven services, the benefits extend far beyond manufacturing output. According to the IDC, two of ... read more
    From: Adobe Marketing CloudPublished on 2017-07-20
  • Take TV Beyond the Living Room With a Unified, Multiscreen TV-Delivery Platform.
    In Anytown, USA, a family of four is gathering in the living room to watch some TV, but they’re not all watching the same show. Mom and son are streaming Stranger Things on Netflix, Dad is catching the fifth inning of the Cubs game on his iPad, and their ‘tween daughter is glued to this week’s episode of The Great British Baking Show on her smartphone. And, as Mom heads to the gym and the kids leave to hang out with friends, each of them expects their mobile devices to pick back up right where they left off. The TV ... read more
    From: Adobe Marketing CloudPublished on 2017-07-19

Oracle Marketing Blog

  • 3 Ways Marketing Ops Can Improve Your Planning Process
    “I can’t wait for planning season to start!” said no marketer ever. Let’s be real, for marketers, planning season can be a grind. It often involves long meetings, bloated documents, and endless debates to (try and) scramble together a plan for the year. Then once this masterful plan is completed, it’s promptly put in a PowerPoint or spreadsheet and saved to a share drive never to be opened again. In a perfect world, a marketing team would refer to their plan monthly to stay aligned to company objectives, guide their progress through execution and monitor their performance against their targets. ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2017-07-21
  • When It Comes to Customer Experience, More Is More
    Customer experience is the perception the customer has of your brand. However that perception is shaped by many things other than the simple purchase transaction. Imagine a bakery. A customer experience is not purely shaped by the transaction of a customer buying a muffin. The bakery must create unique and delicious recipes. They must hire bakers that know how to create a perfect muffin. Employees need to show up fresh and ready to work. When they do the quality of the baked goods goes up! What are the ingredients provided to the bakers? These bakers need special appliances and tools ... read more
    From: Oracle Marketing CloudPublished on 2017-07-20

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