In previous posts we have looked at the challenges facing B2B marketers who are pushing content to what seems like an increasingly apathetic audience.  My views on what this means for content marketers can be read in previous blog posts.

So how do you get your message across to an audience you know will value it, if they took the time to consume some of what you are trying to say?  Well that’s where brand storytelling comes in and this really cool inforgraphic that I came across on outlines what it means to tell stories in a B2B marketplace and it’s well worth some study.

Here are 3 big takeaways for the scan readers amongst you:

1. 77% more views if you include a video or other type of media in your message (and no there’s no video here so you 77% will just have to read or look at the pictures!)

2. 79% scan for key messages rather than reading word for word. Time to get the highlighter and bold function working on the key message if you want to grab these busy people’s attention.

3. Package your media elements together for distribution, they are likely to get lost on their own.  Blogs, images, infographics and video, bundled together is a great resource for your prospects to find out more about what you do.

Here’s the rest of this excellent infographic, make an effort people to read it properly, it’ll pay off.


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