Web design is important. But then you already knew that, didn’t you? It’s why you spent so much time and money on your website. And why you continue to do so. Chances are, though… You’re not 100% happy with it.  Time to look at Growth Driven Design as an option for your next project.

Nothing’s perfect, of course. That said, you’d like to see some real improvements made. But a complete overhaul is probably not massively appealing, is it? Massive projects like website redesigns often turn into enormous headaches.

A company’s website should be its biggest and best marketing and sales tool. But old or brand new sites can produce erratic and often unpredictable results. Plus redesigns can take forever to finish and end up costing a small fortune. If only there were an alternative to the current web design model that we all know and hate…

Well, there is. It’s called Growth Driven Design. The idea behind it is pretty simple too – don’t wait years until your site is outdated to change things up. Do it in small chunks as and when it’s needed. Regularly researching, testing and finding out about visitors’ habits and needs will give you valuable data that you can then use to tweak your website in small increments.  The graphic below shows the difference between existing design methods and Growth Driven Design.

Growth Driven Design vs Traditional Website Design

growth driven design vs traditional design

Think of it like using a tailor. Instead of buying an expensive suit and wearing it all day, every day until it’s worn ragged and you need to buy a new one, you hire a tailor. He makes adjustments and patches things up whenever you ask him to. Need a slight alteration to that waistline after an unusually heavy Christmas? No problem. Just let him grab his tape measure!  That’s Growth Driven Design – excuse the pun.

It’s all about flexibility and ongoing development and adaptability. Using actual data rather than assumption or fashion to drive the look, feel and functionality of your site is just good business sense. And the best thing? Improvements can be launched quickly and cost effectively with this kind of set-up.

To run a growth driven design website, you will need to set up a new site. But that doesn’t mean eighteen months of pain. This new and agile approach sees a quick launch (after a little planning, research and user experience consideration, of course). The improved site then goes live, and it tracks users and their experience, continuously monitoring for improvements. Those changes can then be implemented as and when.

growth driven design website build

It doesn’t stop there, either. Data is gathered and analysed, and continuous improvements are made to your website, and business gets bigger and better. Rinse and repeat until the site is near perfect.

You’ve now got a constantly evolving website – driven by growth.

Growth Driven Design – sounds like a no-brainer to us.

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