As a UK based Hubspot agency partner we work with amazing B2B companies that are looking to grow their lead generation with Inbound Marketing.

Hubspot is the tool that has gained some real traction over the last 6 years we have been working with them and the product has evolved into a UX dream and a valuable resource for it’s users.

Last month Hubspot announced some great new updates to their inbound marketing system.

Here’s a run down of the highlights – taken from a Hubspot partner announcement.

Visual workflows is now standard.

What is it?
As of Friday March 24th, the new Visual Workflow Editor is the default view for all users. The old view will officially be retired. It’s had a good run. We hope you’ve had time to get aquinted with the new view and have tried out some of the improvements.

Why is the visual editor better? 
With the new design, it’s easier than ever to piece together powerfully personalised workflows.

hubspot partner visual workflows

Indigo Tip:

If you have yet to make use of workflows then a good way to start is to map out what you want a prospect to know about your business and your successes.  Create a workflow that shares case studies, blog posts and other useful content related to their initial download enquiry over a period of a few weeks (don’t be tempted to rush the process with leads or you’ll end up hassling them).  Finish up with sharing an opportunity for the prospect to connect with you for a demo./sample/conversation with sales.

Speed-Up Your Blog with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new technology that fundamentally removes many of the page elements that slow down loading times, like third-party JavaScript. The result visitors get is a lightning-fast page where content loads nearly instantaneously, and as a result visitors stay engaged with your blog post. In addition to the benefits of speed, content discoverability is another key reason to consider moving towards AMP.

Enabling AMP also means that your content has the potential to display in a new carousel Google displays in search results that only includes AMP-enabled content. AMP-enabled content will display with a small lightning bolt icon as displayed in the image below.

hubspot partner amp pages


Only send email to engaged contacts with graymail suppression.

As your inbound engine runs and your database grows, it’s critical to make sure you’re keeping the quality of your email lists high. Sending email to contacts that are not opening or engaging with your email is referred to as graymail, and this can actually hurt your deliverability over time.

With this latest update, HubSpot will automatically gather a list of contacts that are not engaged with your emails and let you exclude those contacts in one checkbox.

hubspot partner graymail

Enjoy the new features – if you have any questions about getting the most from your Hubspot portal – get in touch with us.


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