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As a B2B company you may be feeling a little left out of the retail Easter marketing opportunities and taking the time for a well deserved rest or even a sulk.  Well don’t put your feet up too quickly, as a B2B marketer you can still take advantage of the time of year.

B2C companies are flooding your inbox with offers and egg-citing opportunities to tempt their customers to buy and its tempting to jump on the band wagon and come up with your own B2B egg related offer but unless your company name happens to have the word egg in it or like one of my clients, you sell eggs – then you are going to struggle to join in on the fun.

We are now entering a 4 day business break with your target customers likely to be away from their desk so here are some key tasks you can be getting on with whilst munching your way through a gold wrapped rabbit.

Go Mobile

With your target customers away from the office for the next week remember that they will be still connected to whats going via mobile devices.  So if you are planning some holiday comms then make sure that it’s easy to read on a mobile device.  Avoid getting a lengthy newsletter out that will be impossible to navigate but keep the message on point and simple.  Here are a few other things to consider when sending email optimised for mobile.

  • Reduce your image file size – mobile networks are getting faster but it’s likely that your prospects mobile will be slower than their desktop so keep your image sizes down to ensure that they load quickly.  Studies show that every 1 second of load time equates to a 7% drop in conversions.
  • Resize the images to the proportions of the screen – if you have images in your email comms and you should then make sure that they render correctly on a mobile device.
  • Increase the size of your call to action buttons.  The size of the human finger print is around 45-57 pixels so ensure your CTA buttons on your emails are larger than this in height and width for ease of use on a mobile.
  • Keep the message on point – as mentioned above, make sure that any comms you send out and on message and have a clear call to action highlighted.

Leverage Social Media

As with all of us, your prospects are going to have their mobile devices on hand to check social media regularly during the day – more so than if they were at their desks or stuck in meetings.  So now is the time to leverage your social media channels and get some comms out there.  Make sure you post some holiday cheer on your channels and wish everyone a Happy Easter but use the increase in use by your prospects to boost likes for your page/channel.  Contacts maybe in holiday mode so they may not want to consume large quantities of information but they will be browsing and quick calls to action promising useful information for them will entice them to follow for when they do return to work.

There are tools out there to help you schedule your social messages so you don’t need to be doing whilst tending the BBQ – if you are a Hubspot user dive into the social publishing tool.  Other options include Buffer and Hootsuite.

Egg up your website

If you do want to join in the festivities and goodwill for Easter then how about adding a custom banner image to your site wishing visitors a Happy Easter or hide a few eggs around the site – there are some WordPress plugins that allow you to do this.  Adding a seasonal video highlighting special offers after the Easter Break for B2B customers or helping them solve that all important problem they parked for the holidays can be a great way to re-engage pre-holiday prospects that failed to engage before the break.

Plan a Spring Campaign

The thing I love about this time of year is the start of Spring – all of a sudden things look brighter and people are more optimistic about new possibilities – take this time over the Easter break to plan your Spring campaign.  What is going to entice newly energised prospects to start engaging with your business?  Make sure you include the following elements in your campaign planning session:

  • The Persona you are targeting with this campaign
  • The keywords you want to optimise for during the campaign period
  • Blog post subjects and where in the funnel they apply
  • Content assets that will encourage prospects to engage
  • Social media message plan
  • Email marketing plan
  • Any advertising you plan on doing to boost your visibility

Above all, make sure that you set SMART goals for the campaign and monitor your progress during the campaign period.

As a B2B business – Easter doesn’t have to be a dead zone in your sales.  Join in the fun and take the extra time to plan your activity carefully ensuring that Q2 is the best your business has had.

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