Are Marketers ready for the GDPR?

Are marketers prepared for the new GDPR which comes into force on May 25th 2018…? If you are – great. Kudos. Though we reckon it’s still worth reading this blog just to make sure you’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s.

Not really ready for it at all, though? Well, don’t fret. A lot of people aren’t. In fact, plenty of marketing folk don’t even know what it’s all about. Or even what ‘GDPR’ stands for.

The ‘General Data Privacy Regulation’ is a new legislation that applies to how marketing companies and departments obtain, keep, maintain, process and use people’s personal data.

The reasoning behind it? The European Union are coming down hard on businesses in order to make sure that ethics are not abandoned in the pursuit of data gathering. It may sound like a drag, but it’s really just about ensuring that companies respect the privacy of individuals and handle their data safely, securely and with accountability.

HubSpot carried out a survey recently and found out that a fair chunk of marketing professionals had never even heard of the new rules being introduced. 15% of firms were at serious risk of breaching compliance.

Those that were familiar with the changes, though? They generally agreed that the new rules were a good idea…

GDPR for marketers

This graph shows how European HubSpot users see the new data privacy rules.

Preparations you should be making as soon as possible include things like research. You need to fully understand the new regulations and how they apply to what you do. You then need to assess how you handle data and do a full – and honest – audit. Then you should plan your changes and compile new procedures and processes.

Then it’s just a case of updating all your documentation and checking over everything. Maybe get a legal type to give it all a once over to make sure you’ve not missed or misinterpreted anything.

Don’t worry if you’re unprepared at the moment. There are a fair amount of changes, but provided you’re running a tight ship and aren’t too unscrupulous as it stands, you shouldn’t have too much work to do. And don’t worry – you certainly aren’t alone. The survey results indicate that plenty of people still have work to do when it comes to GDPR…

are marketers ready for GDPR

HubSpot’s survey reveals that a surprising amount of marketers just aren’t set up for the GDPR.

A fair amount of marketing people are a little concerned that the new regulations are going to have a negative impact on the way they work and the money the business makes. Are their fears founded? It’s hard to say at the current time. But people on the street back the changes. And ultimately you have to go where the public want you to go with things like this.

At the moment, it looks as though the biggest impact will be seen in email opt-ins and with sales-related calling practices. Over outreach tactics like blogging, SEO and social media should be largely unaffected.

To make sure you’re fully data privacy compliant, HubSpot have put together a comprehensive site about the new GDPR rules. You can check out their very useful GDPR checklist right here.

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