If you are a business that has events as part of your marketing plan for this year then you know that the cost of hosting, attending and exhibiting at events is not he rise and the ROI from events is becoming more difficult to measure beyond the event itself.  Now I’m a fan of events, I came from a sales background and there is nothing better than meeting someone face to face and building a relationship – people buy from people.  But as a marketer I want my events to deliver more over a longer period of time – I want them to reach beyond the few days we stood at the stand and met people.  So I want content marketing ideas from events.

Syncing your content marketing efforts and event activities will boost your event ROI.  Here are some content marketing ideas from events.

If you can leverage the effort put into a conference or exhibition by the event team and use this in your content marketing then you can boost your target markets attendance at the event and also continue the engagement once everyone has packed up.

Here are 5 content marketing ideas from events to get your better ROI

Profile Speakers

The speakers who participate in your events are often experts in your community’s field; they understand challenge of your customers; they hit on the hot buttons that drive your communities to ask and answer questions about how to do their jobs better. Consider a Q&A for an upcoming blog post, in which you highlight 3-5 questions about the speaker’s session, or a thought leader’s recent book release, for example. This can be done via email and offers the speaker the enticing opportunity to promote his or her business.

Capture case studies

One of the biggest challenges for many content marketeers is gaining credible case studies that the business can use – often when we do get them published, they are lengthy pieces of content that have a specific usage during the sales cycle.  Some of the best customer stories are told during events and they help educate other members of the community about the benefits they have gained working with us.  Some of these are single instance benefits and wouldn’t be considered ‘credible’ enough for a published case study and may not have even been thought about by the customer – until the context was broached at the event.

Brief everyone at the event to be on the lookout for customers telling success stories in the breaks or during workshop sessions and get your bloggers to meet with them to capture their views.


Getting face time with customers and evangelists for your business is gold.  Set aside an area with a professional film crew to capture testimonials from those attending the event. Make sure you capture specific testimonials that you can use in specific areas of your marketing.

  • About certain products your company offers
  • About certain features
  • About your support services
  • About your events
  • About this event
  • About them and why they chose your company

Speaker Content

We mentioned above that speakers attending your event event are going to be considered experts in your community field, they spend time and effort developing content to present on the day. You can easily repurpose this as part of your content marketing plan. Reaching out to the audience who couldn’t attend your event by capturing some of the speakers core content and sharing it with this audience will expand the reach of your event beyond geographical boundaries.

Get copies of the presentation slides that the speakers are planning to use. If you have speakers who are prepared to share their content then ask them if they wouldn’t mind being recorded during their presentation – if you blend of the slide deck with the audio recording you can end up with a series of keynote speaker videos that you can distribute across social media and blog posts.

Event hashtag

Creating an event hashtag for your own events is important because you can track engagement through social media if you promote the hastag to attendees prior to and at the event you can then audit this event hashtag to check on what people are talking about during the event and see the topics of most interest this can then feed your blog writing schedule for the coming months. If you’re attending a larger event the organiser typically will have organised a hastag for that event and you can certainly leverage the feedback from people using the hashtag in the same way.

If your business runs events on a regular basis and you want to get more ROI from your event budget then book yourself a marketing review and I guarantee you’ll take away some actionable items from the process.

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